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NIEHS Superfund Hazardous Substances_Basic Research and Education

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

50. OBJECTIVES: To establish a unique program linking biomedical research with engineering, geoscience, and ecological research. The goals of the program are to establish and support an innovative program of basic research and training consisting of multi-project, interdisciplinary efforts that may include each of the following: (1) Methods and technologies to detect hazardous substances in the environment; (2) advance techniques for the detection, assessment, and evaluation of the effects of hazardous substances on humans; (3) methods to assess the risks to human health presented by hazardous substances; and (4) and basic biological, chemical, and physical methods to reduce the amount and toxicity of hazardous substances. It is intended to integrate advanced or graduate training into the multi-disciplinary research program to provide for training in: (1) Environmental and occupational health and safety; (2) the engineering aspects of hazardous waste control; and (3) graduate training in the geosciences (including hydrogenology geological engineering, geophysics, geochemistry, and related fields).